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About Us

The Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of historical Annapolis, with the best views of the iconic Ego Alley, 1771 G&T is the new kid on the block that brings a fun and fresh feel to the downtown bar scene.

We opened our doors in the middle of the Pandemic. We overcame many obstacles, but that did not stop us from bringing to Annapolis a new and exciting restaurant. We respect and admire the history of our amazing town and building (where Riordan's stood for over 30 years). Now we hope to create our own story.

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Our Concept

Classic and easy, the gin and tonic (or G&T) is light and refreshing. It's a simple mixed drink that requires just the two named ingredients and a hint of lime, all of which are natural flavor companions. This is a great choice for happy hour, dinner, or anytime you simply want an invigorating beverage. 

It also happens to be our favorite drink!

Our Logo

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, but also a symbol for new beginnings and transformation. 

Since 1771, our building has been transformed multiple times. A fire, different ownerships and different restaurants under a diverse group of owners. 

This is our chance to transform and create a new beginning at 26 Market Space.

1771 G&T and our beloved owl is a summary of who we are and what we are looking for as proud owners and members of the Annapolis community.  

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